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A church does not run by the hands of one person. It takes the dedication of many people to make a church work smoothly and efficiently.

Committees and councils are a vital part of St. Paul's, and are responsible for various aspects of the church.  We work individually and together for the enrichment of the church for Christ.


Here you'll learn about the committees and councils that make up the "body" of St. Paul's, as well as what each of those "body" parts does within the church.


It takes time and effort from each & every member of the church to make the church grow and to keep it healthy and alive!




  • Evaluate and help to provide for meaningful worship opportunities.

  • Encourage and nurture the spiritual life of all who attend.

  • Organizing and promoting fellowship events of the congregation.

  • Work with the pastor and music staff.

  • Co-ordinate and work with the pastor in arranging and decorating the sanctuary appropriately for the seasons of the year and other occasions.


   Christian Education

  • Promote and oversee the Christian education program of the church.

  • Evaluate teaching curriculum.

  • With the pastor, organize and conduct confirmation classes.

  • Secure teachers.

  • Overseeing the Sunday School.

  • Offer teacher training.


   Mission and Outreach

  • Minister to the physical and spiritual needs of persons beyond - Develop and implement program(s) to reach the un-churched with the message of Christ saving grace.

  • Help to integrate new persons into the Body of Christ.

   Communications Committee

  • Help promote and manage public relations of the church involving:

All publications, advertisements, web site, church’s newspaper, notice boards, church directory and other related items.

  • Approve and coordinate the work of all the committees and groups of the congregation.

  • Committee meets at least 6 times per year.


  • Supervision, oversight, and care of properties owned by the church  including all  equipment acquired directly by the congregation or any society, board, class or group, that comes under the administration of the congregation.

  • Shall review, annually, the adequacy of the property insurance coverage on all church owned property, building, and/or equipment.

  • Committee meets at least six (6) times per year.


  • Annually complete a church budget for submission to the Charge Conference for approval.

  • Develop and implement Stewardship plans.

  • Supervise the receipt and recording of all monetary gifts into the General Fund of the congregation.

  • Ensuring the annual audit for all funds of the congregation.

  • Committee meets at least 6 times throughout the year.

  • Help to provide, subject to the approval of the Ad. Council, programs and events for the spiritual and social benefit of the seniors of the congregation.


  • Help to provide, subject to the approval of the Ad. Council, programs and events for the spiritual and social development of our Families and Young people.

  • Develop and oversee a worship service especially tailored to meet the spiritual and social needs of families and young persons.

  • Committee meets at least six (6) times per year

  • Promotes good relations in the parish and the development of the staff to meet the needs of the parish.

  • Monitors and designates use of encumbered funds involved in the trusts.  The committee also tracks future endowments and assures that the wishes of the originator are fulfilled.  They also track performance of investments to be sure the church is getting good results.

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